Alice Springs Family Day Care  acknowledges that we walk on lands of the Arrernte people and recognize our part within the close knit, unique and diverse community of Alice Springs. We value the cultural diversity of our desert town and understand the significance of our shared experiences within the history of central Australia.

We believe that each Family, Educator and staff member brings a wealth of knowledge and life experience to the work of family day care.  We welcome and support this diversity as the building blocks of our community.

We view families as their child’s first teacher and respect individual practices and diverse perspectives.  We value the voice of children, families, educators and staff and act to promote strong collaborative partnerships based on mutual respect, support and communication in order to gain the best outcomes for the child.

We believe that children are strong, independent, capable individuals with a right to high quality education and care. We value each child’s voice and abilities and support their eagerness to learn and grow. We hold high expectations for children’s learning and support them through the process.

Alice Springs Family Day Care demonstrates learning through play within small, responsive and nurturing environments. We provide flexible, welcoming environments that promote and respect children’s choices. We believe in providing challenges in order to enhance learning and development whilst recognizing and supporting individualities. We believe in strong spiritual well being for children

We believe we play a key part in strengthening the lives of children and help them become happy, confident people with a love of lifelong learning as well as possessing valuable life skills. Through our work we aim for children to have a strong sense of health and well being.

Alice Springs Family Day Care Inc will be united as a community of culturally diverse learners, children, families and professionals,  who provide highest quality education and care in Alice Springs and advocate for quality early childhood education.