Code Of Conduct


In relation to Children we will:

·  Act in the best interests of the children.

·  Create and maintain a safe, healthy environment which encourages 

   growth and development as well as enjoyment.

·  Recognize children as competent learners and active participants 

   in their environment.

·  Treat children with respect and encourage individual strengths.

·  Build positive relationships with children in order for them to feel safe, 

   secure and supported.

In relation to families we will:

·  Recognize that families are a child’s first teacher.

·  Develop partnerships with families based on honesty, support

   and respect.

·  Respect and support cultural practices and individual parenting choices.

·  Maintain confidentiality and families right to privacy.

·  Maintain professionalism.

In relation to colleagues we will:

· Build collaborative relationships based on respect, support and honesty.

· Acknowledge, welcome and support individual strengths, experiences

  and diversity.

· Collaborate in order to share and build on individual knowledge, 

  resources and ideas.

· Act ethically and respectfully

· Maintain professionalism and confidentiality in line with the scheme’s 

  policies, procedures and legislation.