About FDCA

Family Day Care Australia is a national peak body which supports, enhances and provides resources for family day care services. Our roles are to resource and promote family day care services in Australia and work with the Government to ensure the strength and continued growth of the sector in Australia. We are a member based not for profit organisation that works on behalf of our members.


To represent, support and promote the family day care sector in delivering high quality early childhood education and care to more Australian children.


Respect: understanding differences, acceptance, acknowledgement, valuing other people's models of the world.

Teamwork: cooperation, compromise, humor, friendships, helping others if we can, going in the same direction, commitment, being flexible.

Trust: reliability, confidentiality, doing the right thing, belief that people will do what they say and to the best of their ability.

Communication: actively listening, politeness, tactfulness, understanding, respectfulness, compassion, negotiation, taking in what people say.

Honesty: being truthful, trusting, being open, taking responsibility, being accountable.

Equity/Fairness: being just, balanced, no favoritism, no disadvantages.

Work Ethic: doing all it takes, dedication, accuracy, recognition of strengths, building improvement, being positive, continuous improvement, commitment, doing our best.